The Most Beautiful Small Hotels Book Cappadocia

Elkep Evi Hotel is a boutique hotel with 7 cave rooms, each of which consists of modern and comfortable rock rooms and suites, on the highest hill of the historical Esbelli District, with its original boutique rock, cave rooms, rock suites, wonderful Cappadocia view. It offers unforgettable breakfast and dinner.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMALL HOTELS BOOK CAPPADOCIA: Another masterpiece of the new cave age, ELKEP HOUSE Kaya Hotel, in the caves quarter of Ürgüp. It is certain that it is one of the most beautiful houses in Cappadocia in terms of both the originality of the architecture and the delightful perfection of the detail workmanship. The rooms are spacious and bright. More importantly; each has its own terrace. The owner of the hotel is an expert travel guide in Cappadocia with a strong charismatic personality. The effe...


The rooms are spacious and lighted. More importantly; Each has its own terrace.

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel, Esbelli Mah. No: 26 - 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir/Turkey
+90 384 341 60 00
+90 384 341 80 89