Cappadocia ELKEP EVi cave Hotel is located in the town of Urgup on the edge of Goreme National Park in the central Anatolian tableland known as Cappadocia (Kapadokya)in Turkey. Goreme National Park and the rock sites of Cappadocia were inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites as a mixed property of both cultural and natural significance with the UNESCO World Heritage Center in 1985.

Getting There

By air: One hour plane ride from Istanbul to Kayseri. Less than one hour drive to Urgup.
By car: Eight hours from Istanbul to Urgup or 3.5 hours from Ankara.
By bus: Overnight bus (10 hours) from Istanbul to Urgup or 4 hour bus ride from Ankara

To ELKEP EVi Hotel,From Urgup town centre ("Centrum"): Take the road to Nevsehir for 5 minutes, turn right after the Turasan Winery, 200 yards up the hill (bearing right) to ELKEP EVi

(AleArriaza,Guatemala City, Guatemala)"there are few places where I would return even after a few months. Urgup village in Cappadocia (Turkey) is one of them. Cappadocia is an open air museum, so it is nice to have a cosy hotel up on the hill from where you can relax and appreciate wonderful landscape views. The house rooms were obtained by making big wholes in the cave, also the bedrooms. so you will be sleeping inside an original cave room equipped with classical music and heating. simple but elegant at the same time. the restaurant provides some typical dishes made by the local Turkish ladies, it is Worth tasting them"( TRIP ADVISOR )

  • Comfortable cave rooms and cave suites

    Elkep Evi Cave Hotel will accommodate you with comfort and sincerity

  • Amazing cappadocia view

    This Authentic cave hotel provide breakfast with charming and amazing cappadocia view

  • Traditional anatolian culture

    destination of a traditional anatolian culture and modernity in Cappadocia

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel Cappadocia Turkey