Cappadocia Guided Walks and Hikes

From Hotel Walk through vineyards and fruit orchards surrounded by the surreal Cappadocian landscape to centuries-old Christian monasteries, cave churches and chapels on your own or with a guide to explain the Byzantine iconography still found on many of the cave walls or Cappadocian legends and customs. Or stroll around the hilltop behind the hotel for a 360 degree panoramic view of Cappadocia.Excursions to the Goreme Open Air Museum, Ihlara Valley,Soganli,Zelve,Cavusin and Derinkuyu to name just a few of the more famous sights of Cappadocia.

Hot Air Ballooning

Balloon Companies take you From Hotel and after flight they leave you to hotel,Glide silently over the Cappadocian landscape, including cappadocian Love Valley, and skim the tops of apricot trees at dawn.You will be greeted with a glass a champagne upon your return to land after this most exhilarating experience in cappadocia.

Horseback Riding

"Cappadocia" is said to come from the Persian meaning "Land of the Beautiful Horses".Discover Cappadocia in a different way. You can ride off on horseback through the valleys and the fabulous landscape of Cappadocia. Horseback riding allows you to cover a great distance on small tracks well away from the traffic and crowds. You can get a feel for the area riding through a full day exploring the fascinating frescoed and rock-carved churches of the Goreme Open Air museum, the fairy chimneys of Pasabag and Devrent Valleys..

Hamam (Turkish bath)

The local hamam in centrum of URGUP town serves both men and women in a historical building. Treat yourself to a luxurious soaping, steam bath and massage after a hard day of walking.


If you like to cycling Arround cappadocia,If you are in the mood for an adventurous tour,For different destination urgup,goreme and other regions in cappadocia then,Cappadocia offers exotic,exciting cycling tours in its beautiful and different landscape. Hang on for a most scenic and memorable biking experience in Cappadocia.

Geological Cave Tours

There are many Underground cave dvelings and there are many naturel Deepless cave in cappadocia,While studying the formation and evolution of volcanoes of cappadocia,and their products (tuff, lava, pumice and obsidian), you will discover how the Cappadocian landscape was formed. You will also understand the role of erosion (rain and win) shaping in the Cappadocian region as we see it today - the fairy chimneys and colourfull tuff layerst(The Book Amazing Cappadocia.)

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