We stayed in Elkep Evi for 3 days. The hotel gave us a completely new and superb experience. The cave rooms are beautiful, huge, peaceful and very comfortable. One feel like actually living in a natural cave. There is no AC in the room, but interestingly no air conditioning is required since the rooms are naturally cool and one requires blankets in the night. The rooms gives a feeling that one is staying There is a nice sitting area outside the rooms and one can have coffee/drinks enjoying the serene view of Urgup. The hotel is on the top of the rock and hence gives superb view of the city. Staff is very friendly and proactively helpful and take care of your travel queries. You can just relax and enjoy the beauty of the valley and chineys of Cappadocia and leave the rest on the team Elkep evi. ...we would surely come back...thanks.. TRIP ADVISOR

A brave and fairly successful attemp at creating a more affordable authentic boutique hotel in Cappadocia,the Elkep Evi luxury cave hotel contains a total of 14 cave rooms,each with a small private rock - cut terrace.They are spacious and pleasantly appointed, with dark or pale hues.From the terrace of the breakfast room,the views are Brilliant!absolutely wonderful.Can you see the big pyramid-shaped mountain in the background?That`s Mt.Erciyes.Which Errupted cappadocia. (Guide Book 2008 Edition)

Ein sehr liebevoll gefhrtes Hotel, ca. 10-15 Zimmer jedes individuell gestaltet. Die Zimmer sind in den Tuffstein gehauen, sozusagen "Henzimer", dadurch ist das Zimmer immer ideal temperiert. Sehr schönes Badezimmer mit grogiger Badewanne, auf Wunsch auch Zimmer mit Whirlpool. .. HOLIDAY CHECK

Cappadocia is one of the coolest, and most fascinating, travel destinations in Turkey. Up until two million years ago the region was literally a sea of lava over 150 meters (500 feet) deep.. SPOT COOL STUFF

Cappadocia ELKEP EVi CAVE HOTEL is a complex of three 7-room bed and breakfast cave Hotel managed jointly to maintain the intimacy of a small hotel in Cappadocia. The hotel offers comfy - cave rooms,cave suites with modern facilities ideally located in the rock hill above the town of Urgup in Cappadocia Original Boutique,cave rooms,cave suites,hotel with unique cappadocia view. LUXURY HOTELS in Turkey

  • Comfortable cave rooms and cave suites

    tastefully restored to welcome guests of today in the ambiance of the past

  • Amazing cappadocia view

    breakfast garden are the most beautiful places to watch the spectacular views of cappadocia

  • Comfortable cave rooms and cave suites

    destination of a traditional anatolian culture and modernity in Cappadocia

Cave hotel cappadocia Turkey